Service in a world of difference

We recognise that Christian ministers today lead and serve diverse congregations. At Queen’s, God can develop and form you for life and service.

We learn together.

We come to Queen’s as individuals, shaped by our God and pasts. At Queen’s we learn together, exposed to God and the diversity of the people God calls.

Exploration & development

We offer an opportunity for you to realise and develop your own beliefs. One of the largest theological libraries in the region, it is invaluable to our students.

Committed to excellence

We’re committed to honouring, celebrating and respecting the different traditions of our sponsoring churches. We nurture habits of gracious acceptance.

All the diversity of the church

You’ll be surprised by the backgrounds of the people God places in learning beside you. You’ll be challenged by the diverse perspectives presented.

The Queen's Foundations main building

Welcome to The Queen’s Foundation, for Ecumenical Theological Education

We like difference! At Queen’s we recognise that God made the world to be full of creativity and difference. Our differences help us to know ourselves better, see God more clearly, love God more deeply, and learn how to serve God’s people. If you are passionate for God's work in God's world, then find out more about what we can offer. Read more about the Foundation.