Information Skills Online Course

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Information skills are the skills you need to use library- and information-related tools and resources. They range from being able to use the library catalogue in order to find books to being able to find the information you want on Google. 

This course, which is available under Document downloads below, is essentially about searching. It is about understanding how databases and search engines work, and about how they can most effectively be used. It is about the interface between the world of information (what’s out there) and your particular information requirements. It is about identifying and articulating your information needs, devising a search strategy, performing a search, evaluating the results, and modifying your search in the light of them. Above all it is about perseverance, about not giving up when there are “No records found” and not being overwhelmed when you get too many. The aim is that by the end of the course you should be a little further along the road to becoming an expert searcher … 

Course outline

Part 1 : The basics : finding books and journals in the library

  • Reading the reading list
  • Using the library catalogue to find books
  • Finding journals in the library 

Part 2 : Becoming an expert searcher

  • How to select the search tool that best meets your needs
  • Aids to searching
  • The nature of the bibliographic record
  • The concept of a “keyword”
  • The concept of a “subject heading”
  • The search strategy
  • Searching by class number 

Part 3 : Searching the databases

  • Ebsco Religion & Philosophy Collection
  • ATLA Religion Database
  • Google Scholar

Document downloads

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