Revd Dr Andrea Russell

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Position Anglican Tutor
Tutor for Anglican Admissions
Director of Studies (Postgraduate Programmes)
Telephone 0121 452 2609

I have been a tutor at Queen’s and a member of the Centre for Ministerial Formation since 2014. After studying law at King’s College, London I qualified as a solicitor and was in private practice for a number of years and then moved into lecturing. After a short career break when my daughters were born, I went back to University and gained a BA, MA and PhD in theology at the University of Nottingham. My PhD, supervised by Professors Alan Ford and Karen Kilby, focussed upon Richard Hooker and his contribution to Anglican identity, arguing for a wider and more pastorally centred understanding of his work. I continue to be interested in Hooker’s theology and his role within Anglican self-understanding.

2010 PhD University of Nottingham
2010 MA Theology and Pastoral Studies University of Nottingham
2005 MA Theology and Religious Studies University of Nottingham
2004 BA Theology University of Nottingham
1986 LLB Kings College, London
Roles within Queen's

In the past I have taught modules relating to Christian doctrine, Church history, Anglican Ecclesiology, Leadership in the Church and liberation and feminist theology. 

I am the tutor overseeing Anglican admissions; link tutor for Lichfield Curates; Director of Studies for Postgraduate Programmes. 

External roles and responsibilities

I was Ordained Deacon in 2010 and priest in 2011. I have permission to officiate in both Southwell and Nottingham Diocese and Birmingham Diocese. 

Research interests and supervision areas

I continue to be interested in the theology of Richard Hooker, and the way he has been understood (and at times misunderstood) within the framework of Anglican identity, and I am hoping to produce an introductory text on Hooker for those who are looking for a way-in to his work. I am also looking at the next stage in the formation of Anglican identity, focussing upon Laud and his contribution to the crucial developments in the 17th century. Other areas of interest include the current focus upon leadership (particularly within ministerial formation) and its emergence as a theological model. I have a wider interest in a critical discussion of the role of practical theology in the academic arena. I have enjoyed making videos on Hooker, why we should study theology and the role of the Archbishop for the University of Nottingham and hope to continue to be a part of the series. I have a wider interest in a critical discussion of the role of practical theology in the academic arena.

I would be interested in supervising doctoral studies in the following areas: Richard Hooker; Anglican Ecclesiology and identity.

  • ‘Finding God in the Darkness; A fresh look at Richard Hooker’s A Learned and Comfortable Sermon of the Certaintie and Perpetuitie of the Faith in the Elect’ Perichoresis Volume 12. Issue 1 (2014): 77-92
  • Richard Hooker. Beyond Certainty (Ashgate) (To be published shortly)