Revd Dr Carlton Turner

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Tutor for Anglican BAME
Telephone0121 452 2620

I am a Bahamian clergyman, trained and ordained in the Caribbean. Before theological training I qualified and worked as a teacher in modern languages, specialising in Spanish and linguistics. I find myself increasingly more involved with theological training and ministry formation within the Diocese of Lichfield where I work as a Team Vicar. I am passionate about training and mentoring people into ministry and helping them to discover their gifts within the Kingdom of God. Besides these two key areas of my life, I enjoy sports and fitness, and of course, salsa dancing!


BA Theology


University of the West Indies

MA Theology


University of Birmingham



University of Gloucestershire

External roles and responsibilities

I am currently serving as Team Vicar in the Parish of Bloxwich, Walsall, in the Diocese of Lichfield, where I am incumbent of St. Thomas and priest in charge of Holy Ascension. In the Diocese I am an active member of CMEAC – Committee for Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns, and participate in its Black and Minority Ethnic Clergy group. I also deliver Unconscious Bias Training within the Diocese. I also assist the Diocesan training department with their Readers and Curates in the capacity of personal tutor to Readers and also training incumbent for a curate. I am on the Editorial Board of the online Journal ‘Rethinking Mission’, funded by the United Society. I am a member of the Society for Caribbean Studies based in the UK and regularly contribute to its conference and postgraduate seminars. I also contribute to the Black Theology Forum based the Queens Foundation. 

Research interests and supervision areas

My specific research interests include – Junkanoo, Bahamian History and Culture, the Church in the Caribbean, Caribbean Cultural Festivals, Caribbean African traditional religious experiences, and Caribbean hermeneutics. More generally, I am interested in Black Theology, Caribbean Theology, Practical Theology, Mission Studies, Contextual Theology, Caribbean Studies, Enculturation and Third World Theologies, Qualitative Research Methods. 

I would like to provide supervision or be a resource person particularly in the areas of Caribbean Theology, or Caribbean and Latin American studies generally; Black Theology; and Practical Theology with particular reference to Third World theologies or theological outlooks arising from the Global South.

I am also able to advise on theological research methodologies, particularly regarding practical and contextual research interests.  


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