Revd Dr Jennifer A. Hurd

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Job Title

District Chair, Cymru Synod of the Methodist Church




01691 83092

I am a Methodist Presbyter currently serving as District Chair of the Cymru Synod, the British connexion’s Welsh language work. I trained for ordained ministry at Queen’s (1990-93) and have served in circuits through both the medium of Welsh and of English, as well as having had a period of Permission to Study, during which I completed a PhD through the Queen’s Research Centre. 


BA (Hons)


University of Warwick



University of Birmingham



University of Birmingham

Roles and Responsibilities

I am an ordained minister (presbyter) of the Methodist Church and have served in both rural and urban circuits  in England and Wales. 

I currently chair the Stationing Advisory Committee of the Methodist Church and am a representative of the District Chairs’ Group on the Methodist Council. I am also Chair of the Queen’s Connexional Course Oversight Committee.

Research Interests

Having turned down the suggestion of further academic study towards the end of my ministerial training at Queen’s, I was drawn back to the idea in later life. A study session for ministers on end of life care prompted thoughts about the possible links between beginnings and endings. This developed into a PhD thesis taking Grace Jantzen’s notion of natality and exploring its relevance for a theology of death and dying and pastoral care.

I have not undertaken any formal research since submitting my thesis in 2013, but the research experience feeds into my day to day ministry, for example I am currently enabling and overseeing a project reviewing the life of the Cymru Synod, drawing on Practical Theology research methods and methodology. 

I have recently joined a small group under the auspices of the Commission of the Covenanted Churches in Wales which will be researching ecumenical mission in the Welsh church today, and am interested to engage in research that will feed into and enable contemporary church life and mission.

I am a contributor to, write occasional pieces for the Student Christian Movement website, and have also contributed book reviews to Practical Theology


‘The Relevance of a Theology of Natality for a Theology of Death and Dying and Pastoral Care: Some Initial Reflections’,  in Nicola Slee, Fran Porter and Anne Phillips (eds), The Faith Lives of Women and Girls: Qualitative Research Perspectives (Franham: Ashgate, 2013).