Faith Life of Women and Girls Conference (26-27 March 2019)

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                       The Faith Lives of Women and Girls: 
               Identities, Experiences, Practices, and Beliefs

                                             26-27th March 2019
                                    Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham


Dr Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor Centre for Trust, Peace, and Social Relations, Coventry University

Prof. Chia Longman Director of the Centre for Research on Culture and Gender, University of Gent

Dr Yafa Shanneik, University of Birmingham

Prof. Nicola Slee, Queen’s Foundation (Birmingham) and Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

This two day conference explores the diverse faith lives, identities, experiences, practices, and beliefs of self-identifying girls and women, in their individual, community, and institutional contexts.

The conference examines gender and feminism in religions, spiritualities, and theologies. The event is grounded in qualitative and quantitative approaches and also addresses the methodological questions that arise when researchers consider contemporary female faith.  

As well as our four internationally renowned keynote speakers, a rich range of papers will be presented by emerging and established scholars. The full programme will be available in January.

We welcome scholars and practitioners to join us for what we expect to be a deeply fascinating and inspiring conference. The conference is committed to ensuring an inclusive environment for discussion and the dissemination of work.