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At Queen’s, students learn, pray and grow together in a lively, inclusive, international and ecumenical community, supported by one of the largest, widest-ranging staff teams of any UK theological college. Offering the flexibility of full and part time pathways and a range of academic programmes from entry level to PhD, there is a place for you here.

  • Training for Ordained Ministry

    At Queen's we train those who have been selected for ordained ministry in the Church of England or the Methodist Church. In this section you'll find information about the options for full- or part-time training for both Churches.

  • Research and Scholarship

    Research and Scholarship are at the heart of Queen’s, informing our practice and outlook. These particular pages are intended primarily for those seeking to undertake doctoral studies, who already have a masters degree and sufficient theological background to support postgraduate research.

  • Independent Study

    Many students are at Queen's in an “independent” capacity, choosing to study for their own interest and personal development. Gathered together as the Centre for Discipleship and Theology, they come from a variety of backgrounds, and generally pursue some form of undergraduate award.

  • Global Christianity

    We provide exciting opportunities for pastors and leaders from around the world to study as part of a diverse community. Transformative encounters and creative learning are at the centre of what we do together, as people are shaped and re-shaped for mission and ministry in a global church.

  • Centre for Black Theology

    Queen’s seeks to empower existing and emerging leaders of Black Majority Churches through training, engaging with new ideas and in dialogue with different denominations; enabling them to bring about transformation to the local leadership, membership and the wider community.

  • Continuing Ministerial Development

    The Centre for Continuing Ministerial Development exists to provide opportunities to develop professional and ministerial skills. The Centre is directed towards those who are already in ministry, have prior theological qualifications and who are looking to develop their learning.