Centre for Black Theology

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At Queen’s we celebrate diversity and attract students from different cultural and theological backgrounds. Many students from Black majority churches choose to come for ministerial, and leadership training. Queen’s therefore seeks to empower existing and emerging leaders of Black Majority Churches through training, engaging with new ideas and in dialogue with different denominations; enabling them to bring about transformation to the local leadership, membership and the wider community. Because of the diverse backgrounds of independent students who express interest, we offer a range of opportunities for students to access theological training in an ecumenical setting. Queen’s continues to develop partnership and working relationships with ‘Black majority churches’ (BMC) and is developing ‘enhancement programmes’ for leaders of local congregations and aspiring leaders.

Queen’s has a celebrated legacy as a place of excellence for Black theology. From the pioneering work of John Wilkinson in developing the Black Christian studies course in the 1980s through Robert Beckford’s appointment as the first tutor in Black Theology in Britain in the early 90s, through to the present day, Black Theology has flourished at Queen’s. (See Equinox Publishing for more details on the development of Black Theology in Britain). Under the leadership of Anthony Reddie, a former research fellow in Black Theology, the development of Black Theology at Queen’s was consolidated. Dr Reddie edits Black Theology: An International Journal, the only academic periodical of its kind in the world. In more recent times, bible and liberation studies from Black and Asian perspectives has been pioneered at Queen’s by Dr Mukti Barton who has published widely in this field, as well as in the subject of tackling racism in the church context. 

Each year we aim to teach modules on Black and Asian theologyand Black ministries, and in May 2017, we will be offering a taster course to theological studies, which will have an emphasis on Black and Asian theology.  Black theology is facilitated through Black Ministries and Leadership at Queen’s, led by Dr Dulcie McKenzie.