Rome Ecumenical Study Tour 2016

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Queen's tutor, Paul Nzacahayo, and students, Debbie Caulk and David Speirs were hosted for the first week of this tour by the Methodist Ecumenical Office in Rome, which they used as a base for a  programme of teaching, discussions and visits. Paul returned to the UK on the 8th June and Debbie and David continued the tour with the second week spent focusing on migrants and minorities. A visit to Via Firenze and the headquarters of OPCEMI to discuss issues of inclusion with Chiese Insieme (Churches Together) and a day assisting with an ecumenical gardening project were amongst many highlights. On the Sunday they led the  intercession, a service attended by the Council for the  Community of Protestant Churches in Italy. Other opportunities included a visit to the Jewish Synagogue and St Paul’s Refugee Centre which helped to acknowledge the presence of minorities. This along with a papal audience led to an intensive time of conversations and encounters within an ecumenical context.