Open Access Learning (SJDL)

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Open Access Learning

We offer a number of distance learning courses which can be offered in open access mode, that is, on occasional, irregular basis, rather than on a validated basis to achieve a formal academic.

Some study in this way for their own interest, or to be better equipped as Christians, or as a way to investigate and explore their own vocation. Others use the open access learning to test out their capacity for, or interest in, theological study, and therefore use it as a 'taster' in that way.

We know that many potential students have little or no academic background and they are looking for learning that is accessible and engaging.

Course Options

To apply for the course, please download and complete the following forms:

QF Application Form

Reference Request Form

When completed, please send the forms to

For further information on applying for Disabled Students' Allowance, and eligibility for it, please see our guidance here.

Fees for our Open Access Learning courses are charged on a standard per course basis. This fee covers your distance tutor, any classes or groups, and anyonline materials.

Full details are available on the fees part of our website, or our annual fee sheet may be downloaded to your desktop.