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At Queen’s, students learn, pray and grow together in a lively, inclusive, international and ecumenical community, supported by one of the largest, widest-ranging staff teams of any UK theological institution. Offering the flexibility of full and part-time pathways and a range of academic programmes from entry-level to PhD, there is a place for you here.

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We celebrate unity in diversity, in a community that is international, multi-cultural, and ecumenical. We aim to enable Christians to deepen their spiritual life, to grow in a faith that is generous, enquiring, deeply rooted and creative in thought and practice, and to be passionate for God’s work in God’s world.

So whatever your reason for embarking on theological study, wherever God is calling you to, you’ll find Queen’s a hospitable but challenging place.

We’ll help you grow through a journey of exploration and development, as your beliefs are tested and strengthened, and as God grows and forms you for your future service.

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Research Residential

This event is restricted to research students, members of the research team and guests. If you are interested in attending research seminars or starting a PhD at Queen’s please contact...

Event Date: 10 September, 2024

News & Updates

Queen’s awarded more than £118,000 grant for neurodiversity research project

The Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham has been awarded £118,756 for research and development of good practice in the formation of neurodivergent lay and ordained ministers as part of a joint...

1 July 2024

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