The Windrush Generation – 2017 conference

7 June 2017

Queen’s is pleased to host the 2017 Windrush Generation Conference. 

Ahead of the 70th anniversary since the arrival of the first group of African Caribbean migrants in post-war Britain, this conference aims to illuminate the historical experience and theological context of The Windrush Generation since the post-war years. It promises to enrich our understanding so far of the Windrush generation shaping Christianity in Britain, by facilitating a re-examination of their socio- religious experience, beliefs, mission, and liturgical practices, in order to engender further historical and theological interpretations of the ‘Windrush legacy’.


  • Professor Robert Beckford 
  • Rev John L. Wilkinson 
  • Rev Sivakumar Rajagopalan 
  • Mark Sturge 
  • Patrick Vernon, OBE 

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