Revd Dr Carlton Turner

Job TitleAnglican Tutor in Contextual Theology and Mission Studies


I am a Caribbean Contextual and Practical Theologian and Anglican priest with ministerial experience both in the UK and the Caribbean. Before theological training I qualified and worked as a teacher in modern languages, specialising in Spanish and linguistics. I am passionate about theological research and how it informs the practices of the Church. I am also passionate about training and mentoring people into ministry and helping them to discover their gifts within the Kingdom of God. At Queen’s, I contribute to a number of different parts of the Foundation: Anglican ministerial formation; Queen’s postgraduate centres such as the Centre for Black Theology and Queen’s partnerships with theological institutions in Rwanda and Sri Lanka; and also teaching curates in the Diocese of Lichfield. Besides these aspects of my academic life, I enjoy sports and fitness, and of course, salsa dancing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

BA Theology2005University of the West Indies
MA Theology2009University of Birmingham
PhD2015University of Gloucestershire
External roles and responsibilities
  • Lambeth Research Degrees in Theology (LRDT) – Academic Board Member
  • Faith and Order Commission of the Church of England (FAOC) – Member
  • The United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG) – Trustee
  • Anglican Minority Ethnic Network (AMEN) – Member
  • Living Ministry Project (The Church of England) – Adviser/Researcher
  • Society for the Study of Theology (SST) – Member/Presenter (former Executive Committee Member)
  • British and Irish Association of Practical Theology (BIAPT) – Member/Presenter
  • Black Theology Forum/The Centre for Black Theology (The Queen’s Foundation) – Member/Presenter
Research interests and supervision areas
Practical Theology and Ministry; Contextual Theology and Intercultural Hermeneutics; Theologies in Global Perspectives; Caribbean Theology; Decolonisation and Postcolonial Perspectives in Theology; Black Theology, Racism, and UKME/GMH experiences in the Church of England; Indigenous and African Caribbean Traditional Religiosity.

  • Introduction to Caribbean Contextual Theology (SCM, Autumn 2023).
  • Overcoming Self-Negation: Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society (Wipf and Stock, 2020)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Carlton Turner, “Give us Healing Balm: Decolonising Theology Through African Caribbean Eyes,” Crucible: The Journal of Social Ethics, April 2022, pp. 16 – 23.
  • Carlton Turner, “Deepening the Postcolonial Theological Gaze: Frantz Fanon and the Psychopathology of Colonial Christianity,” Modern Believing, 63:3, August 2021.
  • Carlton Turner, “Legacies and Chains: Structuring Shame in the African Caribbean,” ANVIL, 37:2, July 2021
  • Carlton Turner, “Mediating the Sacred Between Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society” – Article for the special edition of the journal Cultural Studies entitled: Sacred Crossroads: Cultural Studies and the Sacred. Citation: Turner, Carlton J. 2019. Mediating the Sacred between Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society. Open Cultural Studies. 3(1): 85-95.
  • Carlton Turner, “Black Identity Reconstruction and the Healing Work of Grace” – Article for the online journal Sacrum Testamentum: An International Journal.
  • Carlton Turner, “Taming the Spirit? Widening the Pneumatological Gaze within African Caribbean Theological Discourse,” Black Theology: An International Journal 13, no. 2 (2015): 5 – 30.
  • Carlton Turner, “Self-Negation within African Caribbean Christianity,” Black Theology: An International Journal 11, no. 1 (2013): 126 – 146.

Book Chapters and Reviews

  • Carlton Turner and Anna Kasafi Perkins, “Monotonous Rhythm on the Heart of God: Drumming, Theological Aesthetics, and Christianity in the Caribbean” in The T&T Clarke Companion to Theology and the Arts, eds Imogen Adkins and Stephen Garrett, Bloomsbury, 2022.
  • Carlton Turner, “Politics of Change: Independence, Neo-Colonialism, and Race Politics” in Colourism, Classism and Racism in the Caribbean Context, eds Mikie Roberts and Nicole Ashwod, WCC Publication (2022).
  • Carlton Turner, “Conceal to Reveal: Reflections on Sexual Violence and Theological Discourses in the African Caribbean” In When Did We See You Naked? Acknowledging Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse, eds Jayme Reaves, David Tombs and Rocio Figueroa (SCM, 2021).
  • Carlton Turner, “Could You Be Loved? BAME Presence and the Witness of Diversity and Inclusion” in Bearing Witness in Hope: Christian Engagement in Challenging Times, eds, Cathy Ross and Humphrey Southern (SCM, 2020).
  • Book Review: Vodou in the Haitian Experience: A Black Atlantic Perspective by Celucien L. Joseph, Nixon S. Cleophat, and Patrick Delices, eds, Black Theology, 15:2 (May 2017): DOI: 10.1080/14769948.2017.1326747
  • Book Review: Broken Bodies: The Eucharist, Mary, and the Body in Trauma Theology, by Karen O Donnell, Crucible: Journal of Christian Social Ethics (July 2019):…
  • Book Review: One Grand Noise: Boxing Day in the Anglicised Caribbean World by Jerrilyn McGregory (2022). Jackson, Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi.

Research Projects

  • If It Wasn’t for God’: A Report on the Wellbeing of Global Majority Heritage Clergy in the Church of England, Dr Selina Stone, Living Ministry: Qualitative Research of Global Majority Heritage/UK Minority Ethnic Clergy in the CofE, Dr Carlton Turner and Tamanda Walker, consultants, September, 2022.
  • “Action Research into ministry in Urban Priority Contexts within the Church of England”, by the Estates Theology Group. Published as the forthcoming Finding the Treasure: Good News From the Estates, SPCK, 2022.
  • “Responding to God: Christian Perspectives on Vocations and Calling”, Ian Jones and Carlton Turner, The Saltley Trust Learning Series 5, 2021. Responding to God is a research project seeking to understand the ways in which members of Anglican congregations, particularly GMH/UKME, understand questions of calling and vocation.

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