Revd Dr Antipas L. Harris

Job TitlePresident-Dean
Twitter, Instagram and Facebook@drantipas
I am a scholar-practitioner. This means that I am heavily involved in the practice of ministry, engage in research, and serve as a university professor.I am currently the founder and president-dean of the Urban Renewal Centre. It is a centre for moral thought, voice, and action. We engage in pragmatic approaches to public theology with a focus on research, community advocacy and community engagement. Our research team studies a range of topics from housing disparities to homelessness to gun violence to environmental justice. We facilitate hands-on, service-learning opportunities through our ongoing work to help the homeless citizens secure employment, our youth arts program, jail re-entry program and afterschool programs for schools in distressed communities. Additionally, I am a part-time professor of Religious Studies at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.I earned my BA in Religion and Creative Music Technology from LaGrange College, MDiv from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, STM from Yale Divinity School, DMin from Boston University and PhD in Practical Theology from St. Thomas University.
BA1998LaGrange College
MDiv2001Emory University
STM2002Yale Divinity School
DMin2008Boston University
PhD2020St. Thomas University
TeachingIn the past I have taught a variety of course at undergraduate and postgraduate level. I taught undergraduate at Sacred Heart University. I taught master’s and DMin students at Regent University and Portland Seminary at George Fox University. I taught master’s students at Vanguard University and New York Theological Seminary.
Church experience and backgroundI am an ordained Pentecostal minister. I have been in ordained ministry for 30 years.
Roles and responsibilities in the wider church / academiaI currently serve on the pastoral staff as theologian in residence at the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk.
OtherMember, Church of God in Christ Scholars
Member, Society of Pentecostal Studies
Member, Alpha Zeta Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega
Member Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity
Research interests and supervision
Supervision areas and levelI have supervised research projects at Master’s and DMin levels. I would be interested in supervising doctoral dissertations on the following areas: Urban Theology and Ministry, Black Pentecostal Theology and Spirituality, and Hermeneutics and Pragmatic Spirituality, Pentecostalism and Liberation Theology, Pentecostalism and Cultural Theology, and Hermeneutics, Spirituality and Lived Wisdom.


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Articles and book reviews

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