Michael Wadsworth

Job TitleTutor for Discipleship & Theology: Networks & Learning Resources


I began working at Queen’s in June 2024. I’m not sure I’m the ‘typical’ Queen’s employee (if such a thing exists?!) I grew up not even wanting to go to uni let alone work in a higher education setting. I’m certainly not a purist academic – my only studies have been part-time and through independent colleges rather than ‘proper’ universities. I don’t have a PhD, I can’t read biblical languages, I haven’t ever really worshipped as part of a traditional or clerical church and, despite often being asked, I have no designs on becoming a minister! What I do have is a deep love of the Bible, an unapologetically nerdy streak that constantly wants to understand and explore more, a passion for passing on what I am discovering to others and a knack for helping people read the Bible with greater confidence and expectation.

My background is in youth and student ministry – I have over 10 years of experience working professionally with youth and young adults in both statutory and church settings. I’ve since worked as a teaching and resource pastor for a large, charismatic free evangelical community, as a training developer for a para-church missional movement, and as a learning and development officer for the Methodist Connexion. Each of these roles has enabled me to discover and develop my heart for helping people learn and grow in their faith.

Whilst my day-to-day often looks like behind-the-scenes work – designing curriculums, creating and curating courses and resources, developing platforms and pathways to engage people in study – my favourite part of work remains those deep, honest, inquisitive conversations I get to have with others about God, faith, life, the Bible, church and theology. When asked why I wanted to work at Queen’s my answer was simple: “I love talking to people about the Bible and am genuinely excited by the prospect of working in an unapologetically nerdy environment!” That really is a good summary of why I’m here and what I’m about! Let’s talk and learn together!


BA (Hons) Schools, Youth and Community Work with Applied Theology2012Stafford University – through CYM
MA in Kingdom Theology2020University of Chester – through WTC

Roles at Queen’s

I am a tutor within the Centre for Discipleship and Theology and have specific responsibility for developing and promoting not-for-credit courses and learning materials for our 12-2 programme which is aimed at those seeking lighter-touch opportunities to further explore and enrich their faith.

External roles and responsibilities

I am part of the Theology and Biblical Studies team at King’s School of Theology where I’m involved in delivering modules and short courses on a variety of subjects.

Research interests and supervision

I have a soft spot for the writings of St Paul and have a particular interest in ‘cruciform’ readings of his letters. I’m also generally drawn to those bits of the Bible that others tend to avoid: Genesis, Revelation, Leviticus, Ecclesiastes, etc…


I currently don’t have any formal publications to my name, but I blog at www.theologicallychallenged.co.uk which acts as a bit of a portfolio of my ongoing learning and musings.

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