Professor Estrelda Alexander

Job TitlePresident, William Joseph Seymour Foundation
BlogTruth in Love
I am a sociologist, political theologian and ordained Pentecostal clergy woman with 30 years of experience in church and academic leadership and engagement.
BA in Sociology1971Howard University
MA in Sociology1973Columbia University
MDiv1995Wesley Theological Seminary
PhD in Political Theology2002The Catholic University of America
TeachingI have taught a variety of course at undergraduate and postgraduate level, at Trinity University (Washington DC) Seattle Pacific University, Virginia Union University, Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Church experience and backgroundAs an ordained minister in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.), I have served as a church planter, pastor, and pastoral staff member within that denomination and other Pentecostal bodies and has preached in pulpits of numerous denominations.
Roles and responsibilities in the wider church / academiaAssociate Dean of Community Life, Wesley Theological Seminary
Professor of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity
General Board of Education, Church of God (Cleveland, TN
Founding President, William Joseph Seymour Foundation
OtherPresident, Seymour Press
Executive Editor, Journal of Pan-African Pentecostalism
Executive Director, Pan-African Pentecostal Archives
Society for Pentecostal Studies (former president)
Editorial Board, Journal of Pentecostal Theology
Steering Committee, Alliance of Black Pentecostal Scholars
Research Interests and Supervision
Research interestsJustice, Pentecostalism, Black and Women’s History
Supervision areas and levelTheses and Dissertations Directed

The Myth of Azusa Street as Foundation to Pentecostalism: Movements of the Spirit throughout Church History, Joseph Williams, Spring 2010.
Black Liberation Theology in the Works of Robert C. Lawson and Smallwood E. Williams,
Vanderlyn Hampton, Spring 2009.
No Sex in the Soul: Proto-Feminist Theology in 17th Century British Quakerism –Toward Egalitarian Relationships Between Women and Men in MINISTRY, LaTonia Winston, Spring 2009.
A Comparative Look at Darbyian Dispensationalism & The Views Held by the Early Church Concerning The Second Advent, Bashiri Durham, Spring, 2008.
La teologia mujerista: A Study of the Mujerista Theology of Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, Loy, Gary Edwin, M.A., 2004.

A Critical Assessment Of The Theology Of William J. Seymour In Conversation With Liberation Theology, Renea Brathwaite, Projected Defense, Spring 2013.
Human And Divine Hiddenness As A Cause For Human And Divine Suffering With Special Attention Given To The Book Of Hosea, Martha Williams, Fall 2012.
A Critical Investigation of T. L. Osborn’s Work in India: Its Impact and Implications, Edith Prakash, Fall 2012.
Onesimus, Slavery, and Exclusionary Koinonia: An African American Interpretation of Paul’s Letter to Philemon, Lewis Brogdon, Jr. Projected Defense: Spring 2010.
William J. Seymour: A Critical Investigation of His Soteriology, PNEUMATOLOGY, and Ecclesiology, Charles Fox, Spring 2009.

Thesis and Dissertation Committees
Regent University School of Divinity

D. Min.
A Transformation Coaching Model that Builds Authentic Support Relationships between Senior Pastors and Associate Ministers in African-American Baptist Churches, Gloria Miller, 2013.
Staff Resident School for Multicultural Leadership Development: A Model for Developing Emerging Leaders for Multicultural Ministry at an Urban Assembly of God Church in Hampton, Virginia, Willie C. Vines, 2007.
Transformational Narrative as a Primary Methodology in Activating the Divine Calling of the Emerging Woman Leader: Curriculum Design and ASSESSMENT, Richard Coffelt, 2007.
Leading a Suburban African-American Baptist Church, Robert Ashley Whitehead, Sr., 2006.

Sanctification and Power in the Lives of Phoebe Palmer and Asa Mahan and Their Impact on the Latter Nineteenth Century.Dianne Langston, 2016.
Not By Bread Alone: An Ontology of Christian Proclamation in Theological Perspective, Christopher Emerick, 2011.
Quichua Christianity: An Indigena History from the Cross and the Sword to Pentecost, Eloy H. Nolivos, 2011.Virginia Union University

Strategies for Addressing Clergy Burn-out in the AME Zion Church, Joy Carrington, D.Min., Virginia Union University, Spring, 2010.

Life, Liberty, and the Practicality of Holiness: A Social Historical Examination of the Life and Work of Ida Bell Robinson. Dayton University, Spring, 2019
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Journal articles
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