Revd Richard Reeve

I am Team Rector of the Parish of Tettenhall Regis in Wolverhampton (Diocese of Lichfield).In recent years I have taught the Introduction to Christian Worship module for Readers and Ordinands at Shallowford House.I am involved in ministerial formation of Curates, as a Training Incumbent, a Bishop’s Assessor, and have been a contributor to deacons’ weekends, Preparing for Priesthood.I am interested in the use of scripture in early Christian tradition and in liturgy – the subject of research during my recent study leave.

My Master’s degree is in Contemporary Theology in the Catholic Tradition. I wrote a dissertation, Communion and Communication: On Being Church in a Globalized World, with particular reference to the work of John Zizioulas, Robert Schreiter, and Aloysius Pieris.

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