Revd Professor Stephen Burns

Stephen grew up on the coastal edge of Cumbria and after studying theology
at the universities of Durham and Cambridge entered the ordained ministry of
the Church of England, serving in parishes in the Diocese of Durham. He was
Director of the Urban Mission Centre in Gateshead before coming to Queen’s as
Tutor in Liturgy. Since then he has taught in Sydney, Australia, at Charles
Sturt University’s United Theological College, and Cambridge, USA, at Episcopal
Divinity School. He is currently Stewart Professor of Liturgical and Practical
Theology at Trinity College Theological School in the University of Divinity,

His publications promote
liturgical renewal and explore the intersections of liturgical theology and
contemporary theologies, with special interest in feminist and Postcolonial
perspectives. They include Postcolonial
Practice of Ministry: Leadership, Liturgy and Interfaith Engagement
with Kwok Pui-lan; Lanham, MD: Lexington Press, 2016), Pastoral Theology for Public Ministry (New
York, NY: Seabury Press, 2015), Public
Theology and the Challenge of Feminism
(co-editor with Anita Monro:
London: Routledge, 2014), Worship and
Ministry: Shaped Towards God
(Melbourne, Vic.: Mosaic Press, 2012), The Art of Tentmaking: Making Space for
(editor: Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2012), Christian Worship: Postcolonial Perspectives (co-author
with Michael N. Jagessar; Sheffield: Equinox, 2011 / London: Routledge, 2014), Presiding Like a Woman (co-editor with
Nicola Slee; London: SPCK, 2010), Christian
Worship in Australia (
co-editor with Anita Monro; Strathfield, NSW : St.
Pauls, 2009), Exchanges of Grace: Essays
in Honour of Ann Loades
(co-editor with Natalie Watson; London: SCM
Press, 2008), The Edge of God: New
Liturgical Texts and Contexts in Conversation (
co-editor with Nicola Slee
and Michael N. Jagessar; Peterborough: Epworth Press, 2008), Worship in Context: Liturgical Theology, Children
and the City
(Peterborough: Epworth Press, 2006), and Liturgy (London: SCM Pres, 2006).

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