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Admissions policies

Common Awards Admissions policyDownload
Newman (and non-university validated students) Admissions policyDownload
Admissions policy and procedure for postgraduate research students - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)Download
Admission APL policyDownload

Complaints policies

Common Awards Admissions Complaints policyDownload
Common Awards Complaints policyDownload
Newman and General Complaints policyDownload
Newman Admissions Complaints policyDownload

Foundation policies

Recruitment (Staff) policyDownload
Equality policyDownload
Harassment and Bullying policyDownload
Specific Learning Disabilities policyDownload
Data Protection policyDownload
Communication and Publicity policyDownload
Policy on Academic Freedom and Freedom of SpeechDownload
Safeguarding policyDownload
Statement on Widening ParticipationDownload
Research Ethics PolicyDownload