Bursary Fund

The Queen’s Foundation Bursary Fund offers financial support to independent learners (i.e. to students not fully funded by sponsoring churches) who are encountering financial barriers to learning at the point of application for a particular course. Funding is limited and is only available to UK-resident students beginning a new taught course or award at Queen’s.

Priority will be given to students who are not in a position to obtain loans through Student Finance England (i.e. if wanting to study at the same or a lower level of an academic award already received), or whose programme of study is not eligible for SFE funding. Other applications will, however, be considered, subject to available funding, when clear reasons are given for why an eligible applicant is choosing not to take out a student loan.

Due in particular to the generosity of the Donald and Patricia Marsh Charitable Trust and the Westminster College Oxford Trust we are able to offer two types of bursary:

  • 50% bursaries to students paying for the tuition fees for themselves
  • 33% (one third) of tuition fees where students receive support from a third party (e.g. a church) willing to pay a contribution direct to Queen’s.

Bursaries contribute to tuition fees only (not maintenance or other costs) and are for taught programmes. We are not currently in a position to offer research scholarships through this fund.

When awards are made to those applying to study on credit-bearing programmes, awards will only be made for one academic level at a time (e.g. Certificate/Level 4, Diploma/Level 5, Degree/Level 6, Postgraduate Degree/Level 7) though successful applicants are invited to submit a further application to enable them to proceed to a higher level of study. There is no guarantee of a further award, though The Queen’s Foundation is committed to enabling students to progress onto higher levels and will continue to support students with ongoing bursaries where possible.

To make an application to receive a bursary please read through the information below carefully and then complete the Bursary Application Form. Your application will be acknowledged, though action will only be taken, and awards made, in December (for January starts) and May and July (for September starts).

In submitting your form online, it is vital that you supply the name of a referee who is able to confirm both that you are not eligible to apply for loan funding, and the stated reasons for undertaking the course, or is able to support the reasons why you are choosing not to take up a loan, if you are eligible to apply for one.

Applications and decisions

Applications are invited throughout the academic year, though decisions are only made at three specific points (December, May and July). No applications for January starts will be accepted after November 30th. No applications for September starts will be accepted after June 30th.

There is a limited amount of funding offered within each academic year. It is possible, due to the limited amount of funding available, that all the funds will be allocated in the first two rounds of decision-making. If this happens, then this will be stated clearly on the website by the end of May.

If funds are not exhausted in the first two rounds, then applications will continue to be invited until the end of June. No further applications will be considered for the following academic year after the end of June.

  • 1st deadline: 30th November (Decisions made by the end of December)
  • 2nd deadline: 30th April (Decisions made by the end of May)
  • 3rd deadline: 30th June (Decisions made by the end of July)

Unsuccessful Applicants

We cannot guarantee funding to any learner. If your application is unsuccessful you will be notified via email.


You are required to meet the attendance/participation requirement of your course of study, even though the nature of ‘participation’ will differ between face-to-face and online/distance learning courses. Continued support depends on proven attendance/participation and your support may be stopped if your participation level is unsatisfactory.

If you withdraw from your course

If you withdraw from your course you will not receive further financial assistance. You may be required to repay any financial assistance you have been awarded.

Equal Opportunities

The Queen’s Foundation is committed to equality of opportunity. The aim is to create an environment in which people treat each other with mutual respect, regardless of: age; disability; family responsibility; marital status; ethnicity; nationality; religion or belief; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation.

The Queen’s Foundation is also committed to equality for all and widening participation for disabled learners and ensuring that all learners have access to a high-quality learning experience. To help us achieve this please make sure that you let us know what you need so we can make reasonable adjustments to help you succeed.

If you would like to support potential students by donating towards the bursary fund, you can conveniently donate online now via the link below or you can contact us at financeadmin@queens.ac.uk.

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