There are a number of accommodation options at Queen’s, and these are offered to students on the basis of a combination of individual needs, availability and the requirements of sponsoring churches.

Please note that priority is given to students sponsored for ministerial training, and particular requirements of the churches. As our different sponsoring Churches have different arrangements for paying for such accommodation, sponsored students should consult with their respective Church as to how accommodation costs will be met, and whether students themselves are directly liable for such costs or whether payment is made directly to Queen’s on their behalf. Independent students may apply for accommodation on-site, subject to availability.

Cost information for sponsored and non-sponsored student accommodation is available on the following document: Student Accommodation Costs.

Full time residents

Full time resident sponsored single students are offered an en-suite furnished single study bedroom with communal kitchens provided on each floor. This accommodation can be on a ‘permanent resident’ basis, which enables the room to be occupied during vacations; or on a term-only basis, where studies have to be vacated for conferences during the three vacations. For Anglican permanent residents there is a daily charge of £22 if you wish to remain in residence during vacations.

Full time weekly residents

Full time weekly resident sponsored students are offered an en-suite furnished single study bedroom, with communal kitchens. The room has to be available (although not cleared) for use at weekends by part-time Foundation students, and at half terms and during vacations for conference use.


Families, couples and some single students, can live in flats on the campus in a purpose built block, with accommodation ranging from one to four bedrooms. The kitchens and bathrooms of these flats have been recently upgraded and offer comfortable and spacious accommodation. Residents in flats are tenants and pay a monthly rental cost.

Daily commuters

Daily commuters who have study space can request B&B accommodation subject to availability.

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