Black Theology Forum: February 2024

29 February, 2024 - Online

Dr Mabel Alkali is an early career researcher committed to advancing and advocating for diversity and equity within the academia. Her academic journey began with a background in Communication, Culture, and Media. Now, as an interdisciplinary researcher, her my work looks at the intersections of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, migrant stories, and intersectionality. Her passion lies in understanding and amplifying the lived experiences of women and individuals, especially those within African Pentecostalism.  Beyond the academic sphere, she finds creative expression in poetry. This medium allows her to express the rich narratives that emerge from her research interests. At the Black Theology Forum, she will share her research – Being Female: Examining the experiences and theologies of women in African Pentecostal churches (of West African Background) in the UK.

The Black Theology Forum is a most important site for the verbal articulation of Black theology in Britain and is recognised as the ‘go to place’ for a monthly encounter of lively, interactive, intellectual, and practical exploration amongst academics, practitioners, and those interested in, or new to Black theology. The forum is hosted by The Centre for Black Theology (CBT) and chaired by centre director, Dr Dulcie Dixon McKenzie. A guest speaker leads a conversation by way of a formal presentation followed by Q & A which always provides an opportunity to explore in more depth, themes and concepts in Black theology. It is always intentionally a constructive critical conversation on a wide range of topics that merges scholarship and transformative practice.
The BTF usually convenes online on the fourth Thursday during term time, and admission is free. Anyone who identifies as Black and Asian is welcome to attend.
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