Faith in the time of the ‘new normal’

3 March, 2022

A series of Lenten conversations hosted by The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education

This series aims to help congregations and house groups reflect on how Christians may understand the changes we’ve been through as a society, and the new ‘place’ we may be entering. It will draw on and introduce participants to resources from the tradition and offer them some tools for reflection to carry forward towards Easter.

During Lent, four sessions will take place at the Queen’s chapel and will also be streamed live to groups gathered in person or online. Resources will be provided for the weeks where there are no hosted sessions.

Each live session will run 7-8:45pm and will include a 30-minute talk plus 50 minutes for reflection in groups.

Thursday 3rd March: Where are we now?

This session will explore where we are culturally in the wake of the pandemic, drawing on the Psalms to consider change, struggle and growth as an anchor for reflection.

Thursday 17th March: Living in the tension

Framed in the context of the new consciousness of issues of race, and post George Floyd, this session will focus on ‘living in the tension’ and the challenges of holding together faith and identity.

Thursday 31st March: Same Boat or same storm

This session will consider who is included in the ‘new normal’. It will ask what models Scripture has to offer to aid reflection in this area, focusing on Sabbath Economics and Neighbour love

Thursday 7th April: Practices for reflection

This session will introduce some simple tools and practices for theological reflection that participants can use in Holy week and beyond to contemplate the ‘new normal’

Where and how to participate

Groups can either meet in person to access the stream together or meet together online.

Queen’s will base bookings on the size of group. For online groups, the booker will be asked to provide a group name in order to enable breakout rooms for those login in. An extra breakout room will be reserved for individuals who are not part of a group to participate.

If Thursdays do not suit your group, please note that the talks will be recorded made available for those who wish to access them on a different evening. You may therefore choose to meet at a different time for discussion either face-to-face or in a self-arranged online meeting.

Booking and Payment

The rates below are cover the cost of four sessions plus resources for weeks when there are no hosted sessions.

Fees for group bookings will be taken one payment. Login information will be provided to the group leader making the payment, who will be responsible for distributing it to their participants.

Individual rate for attendance


Group bookings online for 2-10 participants


Group bookings online for 11-20 participants


Group bookings online for 21-30 participants


Group bookings online for 31+ participants


Individuals can still participate (£15) but will be placed into a self-directing breakout room for people not part of a specific group.

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