Nicodemus Weekend April 26th-28th

26 April, 2024 - On-site and Online

If you listen willingly, the good of the land you shall eat (Isaiah 1:19)
Exploring the relationship between Christian faith, the ‘beyond human’ world and creativity.

Despite contemporary trends separating the spiritual from the earthly, from the outset, the God of the Bible has been interested in the condition of all of creation. This weekend, we continue the patterns of Jewish and Christian history, by exploring what it means for humanity to live in healthy connection with self, other humans, God and all of creation. Specifically, we will consider the ‘grounded’ message of the Hebrew Prophets, navigate the significance of key biblical images such as seeds, trees and stones and their relationship to the Christ event and consider how the creative arts can help us re-imagine and continually find new expressions of Christian faith.

With Jen Smith, Gill Sakakini , David Whyte and Rathiulung Elias KC

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