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We have access to more than 12,000 e-books. Most of these are from the Ebsco E-book Religion Collection, which comprises over 9,000 titles, but we also have access to the Cambridge Collections, a selection of SCM Press, Canterbury Press, SPCK and IVP titles, and a range of titles selected by Common Awards and hosted on the VLEbooks platform. You can search all the e-books together via the Common Awards Hub on Moodle, but if you want to make use of the more advanced functionality which Ebsco provides, then you may prefer to search the Ebsco E-book Religion Collection separately.

The Ebsco E-book Religion Collection is also available via the link below. If you are on site at Queen’s, you will not need to log in. If you are off site, you will need the username and password, which are available from the librarian.

Ebsco link

Dawsonera e-books

Please note that our former Dawsonera e-books are now available on the Common Awards Hub on Moodle. They now appear under the VLEbooks brand.