Information Skills Online Course

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Information skills are the skills you need to use library- and information-related tools and resources. They range from being able to use the library catalogue in order to find books to being able to find the information you want on Google.

Information skills are generic skills. In other words, once you are able to use one tool or resource, you can apply the same skills to using other tools and resources. They can be applied in an academic, theological context, but they can also be applied in other contexts – at home or at work. Information skills are an important part of your skills set for studying at Queen’s, but they are also lifelong skills. They will serve you well in your life after Queen’s.

It also perhaps worth noting what information skills – in this context – are not. They are not IT (information technology) skills. This is not a course on how to use word processing packages or spreadsheets, how to set up printers or log on to the wireless network. Nor are they study skills. You will not find here guidance on speed reading or note taking, referencing or plagiarism. These are of course necessary skills to learn, and they are related to information skills, but they are not what this course is about.

Please note that the course does not include information about how to access the various resources referred to. This information, including about logins, can be found elsewhere on the library website.

Course outline

Information Skills: the basics

  • Reading the reading list
  • Using the library catalogue to find books
  • Finding journals in the library

Information Skills 1

  • Library catalogue additional functionality
  • Online journals: ATLA & the Religion & Philosophy Collection
  • E-books
  • Journals: a summary

Information Skills 2

  • Google & Google Scholar
  • Global Theological Library
  • Jisc Library Hub Discover
  • Interlibrary Loans & Access to Research
  • Sconul & other libraries

Document downloads

Information Skills: the basicsDownload
Information Skills 1Download
Information Skills 2Download