What our students say

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  • Deacon A Mc Millan

    Deacon Alison McMillan

    Deacon in the Christchurch and Wimborne Circuit

    I was a permanent resident at Queen’s whilst undertaking my training for ministry and one of the highlights for me was the community spirit that Queen’s offered. Relationships that I built whilst in training have been invaluable now that I am in circuit. The training at Queen’s has given me a ‘toolkit’ of resources to draw on in so many different areas of ministry, from pastoral work to leading worship and preaching and engaging meaningfully with my community. The evangelism MA module that I took in my first year really helped to give me skills to draw on and confidence in stepping outside my comfort zone to build relationships. The ‘Bridging into Ministry’ programme also offered really practical “hints and tips” for day to day life in circuit. All of these practical aspects of ministry are built on solid theological foundations, and whilst there is much I don’t know, I do know where I can go to continue my learning. One of the greatest gifts that I have been given from my time at Queen’s is a love of theological learning. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutors are a huge inspiration for how it is possible to intertwine study and practice together.

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    Revd Andy McCosh

    Curate, The Church of St. Mark, Shelfield and High Heath, Walsall Deanery, Lichfield Diocese

    I found the learning environment at Queen’s exciting, dynamic and enjoyable. As a student training for self-supporting ministry, the college really went the extra mile in facilitating my part-time training. This enabled me to undertake my Diploma modules over three years whilst continuing to earn my living. My Anglican tradition was always fully respected, with course content and teaching tailored to suit my specific needs as a Church of England Ordinand. I also really enjoyed the opportunities provided for ecumenical dialogue and engagement, which enriched my studies and my overall experiences of being a Queen’s student.

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    Revd Becky Stephens

    Rector of The Whitacres, Lea Marston & Shustoke

    Living near Birmingham and having a young family meant that Queen's was the obvious place for me to train. The Track 1 course enabled me to continue to live at home and commute, ensuring minimum disruption to my family. However, training at Queen's turned out to be far more than just a convenience. Being formed for Anglican ministry at Queen's offers the very best of experiences. Learning within diversity encourages an understanding of all traditions within the Church of England, whilst reaffirming the tradition of individual students. Tutors make it a priority that all traditions are celebrated, both in lectures and during worship in the college chapel. Assignments vary considerably allowing individuals to discern what their core values and beliefs are and where they fit into the Anglican Church. Aside from the teaching, Queen's has offered me a healthy model for ordained life. I have left Queen's knowing more about myself as a person, a leader, a priest and as a Christian; fully equipped to serve my curacy and beyond. I have also made some amazing friendships, which I'm sure will be lifelong.

  • Helen G

    Revd Helen Glithero

    Curate in Birmingham Diocese

    I was daunted to return to being a student after 30 years and at times found that juggling part-time employment, family commitments and the demands of academic work and formation was challenging. However I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Queens and grew in confidence during my time there. There is a broad range of theological understanding and spirituality among both the staff and students, with a culture of respect for different opinions and a desire to learn from one another. This makes for stimulating discussions both within teaching sessions and during informal conversations. Staff are supportive and easy to talk to and the library is well stocked. I was able to experience different approaches to worship and to try out new ideas, but also felt able to find what tradition felt most comfortable for me. I’m continuing to learn but feel that Queen’s prepared me well for ordained ministry.

  • Huw T

    Revd Huw Thomas

    Priest in Charge at St Michael's Church, Flixton

    Queen’s was just perfect for what I was looking forward. I’m not a natural academic, so I was slightly nervous before I began. However I found all the staff to be very approachable and helpful if I was struggling. … Queen’s is a great college and I was grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you for a great couple of years which grounded me for my ministry ahead.

  • Tim Cooke

    Revd Tim Cooke

    Presbyter, Penrith Circuit

    For me, one of the joys of Queen’s was the experience of encountering so many different theologies, doctrines and worship styles. This was encountered not only in the variety of teaching modules – but in the styles, habits and beliefs of both students and lecturers. This exposure to the differences held within our faith by each other has meant that my faith has not only deepened – but it has widened. I am now far more comfortable with the broadness in our theology and in our worship, and feel better equipped to live with holding contradictory convictions and celebrating the richness of variety that makes up our Christian family.

  • David

    Revd David Babbington

    Minister-in-Charge, St John's Walsall Wood

    Having been both an independent student and an ordinand at Queen’s, I appreciate that the integrated nature of the college has provided me with a firm foundation, equipping me for ministry in the church. I have been challenged by people with differing understandings of theological viewpoints but in a constructive way which has allowed me to develop and retain my own views fruitfully. The college afforded me the chance to develop ecumenically whilst affirming my own Anglican identity. I would not have missed the opportunity to develop spiritually, academically and in community through being at Queen’s and recommend it as a place that equips ministers for the 21st Century.

  • Godref Obeng 567 X 756

    Godfred Peter Obeng

    Minister, Harvestime Ministries

    I was surprised to find myself at Queen`s. But it was also a fulfilled dream. As a person with a full Charismatic background and experience, after about 25 years of ministry, l had deep hunger to experience other versions of Christianity. … The teaching that touched my heart and challenged me the most at Queen’s concerned the ministry to the poor, the needy and the care for our earth.

  • Adam Sanders

    Mission and Development Worker

    As an independent student I was a little apprehensive when starting at Queen’s but I soon felt part of the family. It was a great environment to pursue my interest in Biblical Studies especially hearing the different approaches and perspective from the different tutors and students.