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Admissions process

The process that we follow is something like:

  • Jan – March, submission of application form and supporting documents and information. Queen’s follows up references, qualifications etc. English language proficiency is also verified at this stage.
  • March – June, Queen’s complete the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)* process with UKBA and provide the appropriate letters for Visa application for successful applicants.
  • June – August, students apply for Tier 4 visa. This can take 8 weeks or more. The first week in September, Postgraduate students arrive for orientation 1 week before MA teaching starts.

* This is a unique number that is generated from UK Borders Agency by Queen's once your application has been successful. This number is unique to you and your application and will be forwarded to you by email or by letter once you have been granted unconditional entry into the College. You should not attempt to apply for a visa until you have received this number.

  • Further information about CAS can be found on the website.
  • Further information about Tier 4 visas can be found on the Home office website.