Queen's Distance Learning

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Queen’s offers a range of opportunities to explore faith and theology on university validated programs. These are designed to be flexible and fit around your life and commitments, whilst including opportunities for direct engagement with our experienced team of tutors and other students to enable multiple means of learning.

Our online learning modules run for 10 weeks on a termly basis, beginning October, January and April. You choose how and when you engage with the material within that time. Each module will include three or four online seminars so that learners can gather to share experiences, ask questions and explore ideas as well as receive tutor guidance.

One of the distinctives of studying theology at Queen’s is our determination to take context seriously – whether studying the Bible, planning worship, or engaging with local or global communities. We recognise that all theology emerges from and speaks into to a specific context – none of it is ‘neutral.’ We have particular strengths in Black and feminist theologies. Our students tell us that this is often one of the most eye-opening and exciting aspects of doing theology at Queen’s and that it helps them to get a richer and broader perspective God and faith.

All of our programs offer engaging and challenging modules that provide a good grounding in biblical studies, doctrine and pastoral theology as well giving you opportunities to engage directly with important contemporary issues in theology and faith. As the level of study increases, so do the opportunities to engage more deeply with diverse theological voices on key debates around race, inter-faith and gender.

You will be equipped to ask good and constructive questions about what Christians believe and how beliefs shape everyday living, and feel confident in applying your learning to your own context.

For more information look at our FAQs, or contact DLstudies@queens.ac.uk.