Foundation Award (QDL)

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The Foundation Award offers a Level 4 introduction to undergraduate studies in Theology, Ministry and Mission. It is ideal for those who want to begin to explore Christian theology as an academic subject.

If you are new to academic studies and are looking for a course that is accessible and engaging, this award assumes no prior theological learning and the modules will introduce you to key words and concepts.

The award consists of three core modules taken one per term. These are normally Biblical Studies (TMM1031), Introduction to Christian Doctrine and History (TMM1131) and either Mission and Evangelism (TMM1361) or Growing Together in Christ: Worship and Spirituality (TMM1551). On successful completion, students can decide to progress to the Certificate of HE or the Diploma of HE and eventually the BA (Hons).

For the Foundation Award you will study three modules. The core modules on Biblical Studies and Ministry and Mission in Context are basic introductions to key Christian beliefs and practices. You will be introduced to scholarly biblical interpretation and experience how texts relate to contemporary life. You will research a community or congregation and reflect on the experience and practice of mission in context. You can then choose a module on Christian Doctrine or Human Development, learning to critically relate modern concepts to the Christian tradition.

Students normally enter the Foundation Award under one of the following categories:

  • At least 1 pass at Advanced level
  • OR 2 passes at Advanced Supplementary level
  • OR Other formal qualifications deemed to be equivalent to the above by the admissions committee

For any other applicant not meeting standard entry requirements:

- Applicants will be asked to produce a piece of theological writing that demonstrates their capacity for working at level 4 of undergraduate study. This may include satisfactory completion of a recognised Access course.

- All such applicants are required to satisfactorily complete a face-to-face interview (either in person or online). They should also supply at least two satisfactory references.

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For information on applying for Disabled Students' Allowance, and eligibility for it, please see our guidance here.

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Modular costs for the Foundation Award are charged on a per credit basis. This fee covers your distance tutor, any classes or groups, online materials and the university validation.

Full details are available on the fees part of our website, or our annual fee sheet may be downloaded to your desktop. This includes further guidance on the associated costs of studying theology, along with information on what benefits you may be entitled to as a student.