Anglican Students

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Here some of former Anglican students reflect on their time at Queen's, and how the relationships formed during their training continue to nourish them in their ministry:

"We are four Anglican priests who met at Queen's. During our training we learnt the value of meeting together in small groups to not only share experiences but also to learn from each other. Because of our positive experience of cell groups at Queen's, when it came time to leave we didn't want to leave this valued part of our experience behind. We decided to form a post-Queen's cell group and to keep meeting, sharing and learning. We now meet four times a year. It is a great support to be able to share with others who trained in the diverse and formative environment of Queen's. We continue to use the ground rules and agreement to be accountable to each other that we learnt at Queen's. None of us can imagine how the pattern of ordained ministry would work without the pattern of our cell group meetings."
Emma Duff, Sarah Farrimond, Becky Stephens and David Stephenson

Former Queen's student, Angela Sheard has created a contemplative prayer video of Queen's. Click below to see the video (opens in a new tab).


Nazareth Contemplative Prayer by Revd Angela Sheard