Admissions process - Wesleyan Holiness

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All queries should be directed to the tutor for Black Ministries and Leadership. An initial bespoke interview will be arranged. The tutor for Black Ministries and Leadership will then contact both the Wesleyan Holiness Church and the candidate of possible programmes and modes of study open in this case. The church asks the candidate to go through its selection process. Accepted candidates are then invited to Queen’s for open days to confirm further details such as evidence of prior qualifications, finance issues and learning support needs. Complex academic admissions cases are referred to the admissions penal for review. All candidates are sent a conditional or unconditional offer letter including academic programme, accommodation and other relevant information. Conditions may include provision of further evidence such as a piece of work, certificates, or references. After accepting a place at this stage all candidates are offered a 14 day cooling off period to withdraw from this contract.

All confirmed candidates will be invited to an appropriate induction at which further registration details will be requested to comply with university and HESA data collection requirements. None of the details requested at this stage will affect the outcome of any offer previously made.