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  • Academic staff

    With more than 20 members of the teaching faculty, Queen’s has one of the largest academic staff teams of any theological college or course in the UK. Many are leaders in their field; all are actively engaged as learners through their own research. So at Queen’s, you learn from and with those who are also learning, and whose expertise is widely recognised.

  • ​International Research Consultants

    International Research Consultants are world renowned theological scholars representing a range of academic expertise and church affiliations, who support and endorse our research enterprise at Queen's.

  • Honorary Research Fellows

    As well as our internal academic staff, we have a range of external research active scholars who contribute to the lively research culture of Queen’s by participating in research seminars and other research events. They may also participate in PhD supervisory teams, and/or act as student advisers.

  • Associate tutors

    Queen's benefits from the involvement a number of associate tutors, each of whom combine specialist knowledge in their particular field with an active involvement and presence in the life of the Church. They can act as personal tutors, and contribute to modular teaching in a variety of ways, bringing their experience and expertise to bear.

  • Professional Services Staff

    Queen’s is well supported by a professional services staff team who look after the buildings and grounds, who cater for us, who manage the finances, who oversee our accommodation needs and hospitality, and who provide administrative support across the Foundation.

  • Chaplain

    Our part-time Foundation Chaplain, Revd Caroline Homan, is available to all students for confidential support and attentive listening. The Chaplain provides individual support where matters need to be confidential but in many cases your local minister or spiritual director/soul friend may also be appropriate people to confide in.