Revd Dr Carlton Turner

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Job Title

Anglican Tutor Tutor in Contextual Theology and Mission Studies
Telephone0121 452 2620

I am a Caribbean Contextual and Practical Theologian and Anglican priest with ministerial experience both in the UK and the Caribbean. Before theological training I qualified and worked as a teacher in modern languages, specialising in Spanish and linguistics. I am passionate about theological research and how it informs the practices of the Church. I am also passionate about training and mentoring people into ministry and helping them to discover their gifts within the Kingdom of God. At Queen's, I contribute to a number of different parts of the Foundation: Anglican ministerial formation; Queen’s postgraduate centres such as the Centre for Black Theology and Queen’s partnerships with theological institutions in Rwanda and Sri Lanka; and also teaching curates in the Diocese of Lichfield. Besides these aspects of my academic life, I enjoy sports and fitness, and of course, salsa dancing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


BA Theology


University of the West Indies

MA Theology


University of Birmingham



University of Gloucestershire

External roles and responsibilities

I am a member of three academic societies: The Society for the Study of Theology (SST) where I was until recently, part of the executive committee; the Society for Caribbean Studies (SCS) where I engage with other Caribbeanists; and The British and Irish Association of Practical Theologians (BIAPT) where I get to continually thinking about the intersection between the academy and ministerial praxis. I also currently serve as a trustee of the United Society Partners in the Gospel (USPG) where my experience as a Mission and Contextual Theologian from the Global South comes in handy.

Research interests and supervision areas

Ethnomusicology of Christianity; Christian congregational music; British and American gospel music; music within digital/networked religion; music within global Pentecostalism; how congregational music operates in processes of community creation, social boundary demarcation, and building relationships across social boundaries



Overcoming Self-Negation: Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society (Wipf and Stock, 2020)

Book Chapters:

“Conceal to Reveal: Reflections on Sexual Violence and Theological Discourses in the African Caribbean” In When Did We See You Naked? Acknowledging Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse, eds Jayme Reaves, David Tombs and Rocio Figueroa (SCM, 2021).

“Could You Be Loved? BAME Presence and the Witness of Diversity and Inclusion” in Bearing Witness in Hope: Christian Engagement in Challenging Times, eds Dr Cathy Ross and Bishop Humphrey Southern (SCM, 2020).

Selected Articles:

“Deepening the Postcolonial Theological Gaze: Frantz Fanon and the Psychopathology of Colonial Christianity,” Modern Believing, 63:3, August 2021.

“Legacies and Chains: Structuring Shame in the African Caribbean,” ANVIL, 37:2, July 2021

Sacred Crossroads: Cultural Studies and the Sacred. Citation: Turner, Carlton J. 2019. Mediating the Sacred between Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society. Open Cultural Studies. 3(1): 85-95.

“Black Identity Reconstruction and the Healing Work of Grace”, Sacrum Testamentum: An International Journal (2018).

“Women Speak, Men Share, and Everyone Rush! Prophetic Consciousness, Junkanoo and the Church in Bahamian Society”, Rethinking Mission (2017).

Book Review: Carlton J. Turner (2017): Vodou in the Haitian Experience: A Black Atlantic Perspective, Black Theology, DOI: 10.1080/14769948.2017.1326747

“Taming the Spirit? Widening the Pneumatological Gaze within African Caribbean Theological Discourse.” – Paper Presented at the Black Theology Forum, The Queens Foundation, Birmingham, 25th September 2013. Published in Black Theology: An International Journal 13, no. 2 (2015): 5 - 30.

"Self-Negation within African Caribbean Christianity". Black Theology: An International Journal 11, no. 1 (2013): 126 - 146.

“Christopher Codrington’s Will: Personal Reflection on Theological Education at Codrington College” published in the online journal Rethinking Mission:

Research Projects:

“Living Ministry Project of the Church of England: Qualitative Research of Global Majority Heritage/UK Minority Ethnic Clergy in the CofE” (Current: September 2021 – June 2022)

“Responding to God: Christian Perspectives on Vocations and Calling” – The Saltley Trust Learning Series 5, 2021. Responding to God is a research project seeking to understand the ways in which members of Anglican congregations, particularly GMH/UKME, understand questions of calling and vocation.

Selected Papers and Presentations:

“Being A Reflective Practitioner: The Journey of a BAME Ordination Candidate”. BIAPT (British and Irish Association of Practical Theologians) Annual Conference, Keynote Panel Paper Presentation, 11th July 2018.

USPG Annual Conference Keynote Address: “Growing the Church: From Chaos to Creativity”, The High Leigh Conference Centre, 17 – 19 July 2017.

“Your Faith Has Made You Whole: Healing as Conceptual Framework for Theology in the African Caribbean”, Conference Paper, Society for Caribbean Studies 2017, University of Essex, 5th – 7th July.

“The Anglican Church in the Caribbean: Still a Potted Plant?” Panel Paper Presentation: The Divine, Faith, and Performance in Contemporary Religious Practices in the Caribbean, Sponsored by the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research (CIRC), School of Advanced Study, University of London, 27th November, 2015.

“Sin as Dichotomy: A Caribbean Contribution to the Concept of Sin.” Paper presented at the Society for Caribbean Studies, Birmingham, 2 – 4 July, 2015

“Understanding African Caribbean History, Language, Culture and Practices in Britain” – Workshop presented at the Diocese of Lichfield’s Training Day, “Understanding Afro-Caribbean Culture”, 10th February 2015.

“Rhythm, Worship and War(rior): Colonial Myth and the Theological Methodology of Junkano.” Paper presented at the Society for Caribbean Studies, Glasgow, 2 – 4 July, 2014.

“Towards Ecclesial Marginality: Women Speak, Men Share, and Everyone Rush!” - Conference Paper: Gender, Religion, and the Atlantic New World, Newcastle University 15th, May, 2014.

“Junkanoo and the Church in Contemporary Bahamian Society: Three Key Concepts” – Paper presented at the Caribbean Postgraduate Network Workshop, Institute of the Americas, University College London, Friday 1st November, 2013.