Revd Dr Adam Hood

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Job Title

Minister, St Andrew’s Wallace Green Church, Berwick-Upon-Tweed




I am currently serving in local ministry in Northumberland, where I have been since 2012, having spent my career in church work of various kinds – parish ministry and teaching at Queen’s.     











Roles and Responsibilities

During my time at Queen’s I taught courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, mainly in the areas of doctrine and philosophical theology. I have also supervised up to PhD level, mainly in doctrine, mission and historical theology. 

I am an ordained Minister of the Church of Scotland with experience of two parish ministries – 10 years and counting. I currently play a leading role in my local Presbytery.

Research Interests and Supervision Areas

My research interests are in the area of Scottish theology/Philosophical theology, primarily of the 19th and early 20th Century. Particular people who have featured in my work are: John Macmurray, John Oman and John Baillie. Another passion is the study of the interface between science and religion, particularly focused on the theory of evolution and neuroscientific study. Since coming to Berwick I have done some work on another Scottish worthy, John Cairns, and have given a number of talks to local groups on this fascinating churchman. As a practising minister, I am also much concerned by the theology and practice of mission.

I have supervised many master's and doctoral theses covering a range of theological disciplines, such as, Dalit Theology, Philosophical Theology, Mission and Social Ethics. I would be interested in helping in my areas of interest, as outlined. 



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  • I have written a number of book reviews in Scottish Journal of Theology, International Journal of Systematic Theology, Philosophical Quarterly & Reviews in Religion and Theology. Most recent: 'Religion without Ulterior Motive', Edited by E.A.J.G. Van der Borght, IJST, 11, 244-246; Rolfe King, 'Obstacles to Divine Revelation',; Adam Deligman et al, 'Ritual and its Consequences', Reviews in Religion and Theology & Albert Low, 'The Origin of Human Nature', Reviews in Religion and Theology.