Dr Eun Sim Joung

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Telephone0121- 477-0410, 077-5845-5303, 0082-(0)10-3710-7883

I am currently an honorary research fellow at Queen’s, supervising PhD students within the field of practical theology, particularly in a third-world women’s context. I have been teaching pastoral care and counselling-related subjects as a part-time lecturer at Baeseok Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea. I also enjoy running an academic group called Spirituality and Counselling for Wholeness, and being involved in a local church ministry as a laity.

PhD 2007 University of Birmingham
MA 2001 University of Birmingham
Roles and responsibilities

In the past I have taught a variety of courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and Korea, at Newman University College, Queen’s College, Dongduk Women’s University, Baekseok Cultural University, including Baekseok Theological Seminary as a part-time lecturer.

I am head of New Way Counselling Center helping people emotionally and relationally in need, at the same time I am also involved in evangelical reformation ministry as an editor of TGCKorea in Seoul, Korea.

I am a member of the Korea’s Evangelical Practical Theological Society and Korea’s Evangelical Counseling Society regularly participating at the meetings, presenting research papers. I was a research fellow and an advisor for Korean students of a post-graduate course at Birmingham Christian College for two years from 2007. With Dr Nicola Slee I was one of the original members of the Research Symposium on the Faith Lives of Women and Girls, presenting papers and being involved in discussions that resulted in the establishment of the Symposium.

For several years until 2014, I was actively engaged in and a co-leader of an international women’s group (CAMEO), associated with Friends International which is an organization that helps international students in the UK.

Research interests and supervision areas

My main research area is women’s faith development in psychodynamic perspectives and its application to Christian adult education and pastoral practice. I am particularly interested in phenomenological and hermeneutical approaches to individuals’ religious experiences, from the grass-root experience of non-Western women. My doctoral research, on the patterns of women’s faith experiences based on interviews with Korean women, has been published as Religious Attachment: Women’s Faith Development in Psychodynamic Perspective (CSP, 2008). I have developed a research interest in helping people who are insecure or unhealthy in their images of self and God, and produced several journal articles both in English and Korean. I have recently published a book in Korean language based on an integration of biblical perspectives and psychodynamic counselling. This is being used as a course text book: Mental Health and Christian Counselling (CLC, 2015).



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  • Mental Health and Christian Counseling (정신건강과 기독교 상담) (Seoul: Daesheo, 2015).

Chapters and journal articles

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Bible Meditation Notes

“What Love Means,” “From Despondency to Hope,” “How to Give Thanks,” “Missing the Mark: Disciples and Congregation,” “Jesus the Teacher,” Words for Today, Birmingham: IBRA, (2008-2012).


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