Dr Robert Foster

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After a banking career in international trade finance I decided I needed to do a bit of theology to help me with my non-ordained (we Baptists don’t use the term ‘lay’ these days) preaching ministry. Fifteen years later and the ‘bit of theology’ has grown somewhat (and I still preach in various churches in and around Birmingham)!

My primary role, these days is that of house-husband, which allows my wife to develop her medical career at the QE just down the road from Queen’s. It also enables me to be relatively flexible when following my theological interests.

BA (Hons) Theology 2008 University of Birmingham
PhD 2012 University of Birmingham
Roles and responsibilities

I taught briefly in primary and secondary schools between 1973 and 1975. I regularly gave lectures to staff in the Bank and have lectured at national seminars. I am an Associate Tutor at Queen’s which basically means I teach the occasional (NT) course, usually at Shallowford House.     

I am a non-conformist, initially in Free Evangelical churches but for the last thirty years in Baptist churches in Surrey and Sutton Coldfield. I have held a variety of diaconate posts in the Baptist Churches.

I am a member of the preaching team in my current church and also teach NT courses aimed at bridging the gap between Academia and the local church. I am treasurer of the Birmingham Baptist Preachers Association.

Research interests and supervisions areas

With one exception (Mark’s Gospel), I tend to be interested in the less familiar/popular NT books (I did both my undergraduate and doctoral dissertations on the Letter of James). I am also fascinated in the way NT writers use and adapt Hebrew Bible stories and texts and non-canonical writings and their stories. My non-conformist DNA also draws me towards unfashionable and awkward Christian doctrines such as ‘hell’ and ‘predestination’.

I have supervised undergraduate dissertations. I would be interested in supervising dissertations in the New Testament, especially those linked to the Catholic (General) Epistles or the Gospel of Mark.


The Significance of Exemplars for the Interpretation of the Letter of James (Tübingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck, 2014)