Daytime Study (Track 1)

Most CDT students on the daytime option (“Track 1”) are on full-time pathways. A part-time pathway can be explored at interview. The part-time pathway focuses your lectures on two days a week (normally Tuesdays and Wednesdays, including lectures on a Tuesday evening). However, students need to be flexible, as in some terms, these days might need to be different because of timetable constraints.

To support members of CDT in their learning and faith journey, and to strengthen relationships with other students, CDT members are always welcome at:

Daily prayer and worship. Each day has provision for three types of daily prayer:

  1. Corporate gathered daily worship, usually immediately before lunch.
  2. Individual or shared prayer. This may take a variety of patterns and will be at a variety of times. It may gather Anglicans and others who are expected to develop patterns of saying a daily office; it may be more personal and focus on an individual’s daily devotions.
  3. Corporate evening worship on either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Shared meals. Eating together is an important part of community life especially when most meals take place after worship. Meals bring the wider community together, involving others resident on campus, administrative staff, and invited guests. CDT students are invited to eat in the dining room at no additional charge when they are on campus for classes.

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