Research seminars

Research students, staff and honorary research fellows take part in Queen’s research seminar programme. Recent papers include:

11 May 2023

  • Mike Truman, ‘Doors to the Sacred: The Repair Shop as a case study of contemporary implied religiosity?’
  • Michelle Brooker, ‘Beauty and Experience of Milk and Honey: A Phenomenological Aesthetic Approach to the Landscape of the Promised Land in the Book of Exodus’
  • Martin Dudley, ‘“God’s special care”: Monarchy and the Orthodox Church’

15 February 2023

  • Lal Din Thara, ‘The Burman (Burmese) Concept of Neighbour ‘Ein-ni-chin’ and Responses to Thara’s paper’
  • Barbara Glasson and Gary Hall, ‘Responses to Thara’s paper and discussion’

3 February 2023

  • Ashley Cocksworth, ‘The Smile, Joy and a Bit of Barth’
  • Lesley Bentley, ‘Learning from the Criticism of Short-term Mission’

15 November 2022

  • Ruth Midcalf, ‘At the Catechetical Core: Developing Models of Catechesis for 21st Century Methodist Disciples’
  • Jeremy Worthen, ‘What Kind of Missional Ecclesiology Do Our Churches Need?’

7 February 2022

  • Nicola Slee and Sinwoong Kim, ‘Workshop on the PhD Journey’

25 November 2021

  • Allison Fenton, ‘Mothers Negotiating Christening: Folk and Family’
  • Nicola Slee, ‘Empathy and immersion as theological values in Qualitative research’

23 June 2021

  • Rasika Abeysinghe, ‘Liturgical Silence: Encountering the Sri Lankan Buddhist Culture in Christian Worship’
  • John Binns, ‘Monasticism, old and new’
  • Robert Foster, ‘The Evocative and Emotional Language of Mark (and how Matthew and Luke deal with it?)’

26 February 2021

  • Ian Jones, ‘Four time perspectives on discipleship’
  • Cathy Marks, ‘Black. African. Woman. Christian. And living with HIV in Britain: A discourse on spirituality, faith and the church’

6 February 2021

  • Tom Parker, ‘James, Jesus, and Leviticus 19: A brief consideration of the process and purpose of James’ use of the Old Testament and Jesus traditions’
  • Martin Dudley, ‘The Holy Cross and the Life-giving Tomb: Passion and Resurrection in West and East’

1 December 2020

  • Lesley Bentley, ‘Looking after orphans and widows’: Scriptures chosen by participants and partners to illuminate the work of the NGO Hands at Work in Africa’
  • Charlotte-Catherine Hope-Rivers, ‘Dark and beautiful: a critical investigation into African-Caribbean women’s leading of worship in Evangelical churches in Britain’
  • Ben Alduous, ‘Walking – The Importance of Slowing Down

19 March 2020

  • Lesley Bentley, ‘A Critical Theological Introduction to Hands at Work in Africa, based upon what the NGO says about itself’
  • Nigel Rooms and Elli Wort, ‘Researching Church, Gospel & Culture in the North of England’
  • Martin Dudley, ‘The Holy Cross and the Life-Giving Tomb’
  • Dave Allen, ‘Inter-narratival Dialoguing: Paul’s Use of Exodus Traditions’

30 January 2020

  • Paul Kim, ‘Korean missionaries and liquefaction’
  • Karamat Iqbal, ‘British Pakistani boys in Birmingham; education and the role of religion – in the land of the Trojan Horse’
  • Lindsey Taylor-Gutharz, ‘Red Threads, Amulets, and Chewing Buttons: Are Modern Jewish Women Practising Magic?’

15 November 2019

  • Mark Ord, ‘Boundaries and Bridges: Leaving the Gathered Community’
  • Ann Conway-Jones, ‘Luke 4:28-30: Jesus at the Synagogue in Nazareth, Biblical Commentary and Jewish-Christian Relations’
  • Israel Olofinjana, ‘African Diaspora Christianity and Missions: Towards African British Theology’
  • Ben Aldous, ‘Pirates, Pasties and Practical Theology: Taking Cornish culture and context seriously when utilizing the resource church model’

20 June 2019

  • Anna Leyden, ‘Towards a theology of intra-church disagreement: engaging Rowan Williams and Ephraim Radner on “good disagreement” in the Church of England”
  • Jeremy Worthen, ‘Unity as Union and Communion: Marking the Centenary of the Lambeth Conference’s Appeal to All Christian People’
  • Jeremy Worthen, ‘Unity as Union and Communion: Marking the Centenary of the Lambeth Conference’s Appeal to All Christian People’

28 January 2019

  • Christo Balraj, ‘Post Conflict and Post Colonial Reading of the Bible: General Methods and Principles’
  • Lesley Bentley, ‘Short term mission within partnership: a contemporary expression of mission?’
  • Revd Dr John Binns, ‘The Ethiopian Orthodox Church – a traditional African theology’

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