Omari Hutchinson

Previously, I was involved in the design, development and delivery of undergraduate and post-graduate education and training in health and social care. However, I have always had a particular interest in matters relating to disadvantage and multiple sources of oppression.  I joined the research community at Queen’s to embark on full-time practical theological research. Whilst examining matters of race, class, gender, gay and religious identity, I soon discovered that the research process is not always easy especially when these identities intersect with conflict.

PhD Studies


a Black Gay Liberation Theology.


Prof. Nicola Slee, Dr Dulcie McKenzie and Prof. Ruard Ganzevoort.

Research Topic

My research examines the experience of thirty men who describe themselves as ‘Black Christian’ and ‘gay’. My main research question is: What does it mean to be Black Christian and gay in the UK? During my research I have observed how Black Christian gay men make sense of their faith journeys and how this has impacted upon their lived experience. I am particularly keen to explore the theological implications for the men themselves, the pastoral care of Black Christian gay men and their wider participation in society. I feel privileged to have been able to listen to the narratives of those I have interviewed during my research and, as a result, I have developed a deep appreciation of how each participant accounts for his individual experience of God.

Research Activity

Research Interests         

Intersectionality, queering Black theology, narrative methodology, phenomenological design, performance research.

Conference Papers       

July/August 2018, ‘Multiple Perspectives on Research Method, Practical Theology, and Pedagogy with Black Queer Christian Men Seeking Refuge in the UK’ (Society of Biblical Literature International Meeting/European Association of Biblical Studies Conference, University of Helsinki, Finland).

June 2016, ‘The Church as the Castle and its Garden as the Erotic’ (Reframing Intersectionality in Critical Race Theory Conference, Birmingham City University).

April 2016, ‘”The Church as the Castle and its Garden as the Erotic”: Exploring some discoveries from the fieldwork’ (Queen’s Foundation Research Seminar).

2015, ‘”Speaking in Other Tongues, I
Just want to Testify”. Literature from a PhD Study of Black Christian Gay Men’s
God Talk: Towards a Black Gay Liberation Theology’ (The Black Theology Forum at Queen’s Foundation)


H., Gurney A., Harvey A., Hutchinson, O., Sylvester V., Warburton J., Goodwin, P. & Joye, C.R. ‘The value of analysing the interlocking nature of oppression for those
engaged in working and learning together in community care’, Journal of Interpersonal Care, 10:2 (1996): 147–155.

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