Reasonable adjustments for study

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As part of our commitment to student flourishing at Queen's, we seek to make reasonable adjustments to student programmes, or create study pathways that take account of identified student needs and/or disabilities. Such adjustments might take a variety of forms, but could include recording of lectures, making teaching materials available in advance or creating a personalised learning plan that takes account of a student's particular situation/need. Our Moodle VLE is also enabled with an accessibility block feature and we offer a programme of study skills for those new or returning to study (both in person and online).

We work closely with an external specialist tutor who independently supports many of our students with learning disabilities, and therefore is able to advise Queen's on latest good practice and future developments in this area.

A staff-student widening access committee likewise meets regularly to make recommendations to the Foundation as to how access across our campus and our programmes might be enhanced.

For further information on support for students with disabilities, please contact If you are considering applying for Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), our downloadable guide will be of interest.

Also see our published policy on learning disabilites, available here. Please also see our guidance for Assessment Centres as to what studying at Queen's might entail.

(This website has been designed to be as accessible as possible - e.g. in terms of layout, formatting and navigation; however, we always welcome suggestions for improvements and enhancements in this area. Please contact with any comments/suggestions. For further practical advice on enabling online accessibility, the BBC website offers useful information).

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