Employment post-Queen's

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Students leave Queen's to work and serve in a variety of destinations and contexts, but their future path is very much shaped by the student's sponsoring church (if they have one) and the needs/requirements of that church. Click here for testimonials from some of our former students.

For independent, or non-sponsored, students, employment opportunities post-Queen's are dependent solely on outcomes from the programme of study they pursue.

For sponsored students, the situation may be different. Undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral academic programmes are approved for sponsored students, and are selected by the Church for their candidate based on previous training and a wide range of other factors. In all cases, “successful completion of course” for a sponsored student includes both meeting academic and formational learning outcomes set by the sponsoring church and reported on throughout study. Completion of the academic programme alone will not ensure ordination or licencing. Many sponsored programmes lead to roles within the sponsoring churches which are not recompensed by a stipend (i.e. unpaid), and most of our students maintain a separate career throughout study and beyond that is not directly affected by their programme of study at the Queen’s Foundation.