Employment for Independent Students

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Independent Students come to Queen’s from a variety of Churches such as: New Testament Church of God; Vineyard; Salvation Army; Baptist; Assemblies of God; Elim Pentecostal; 7th Day Adventist Churches, the Church of England, the Methodist Church in Britain.

Many of our ‘independent’ students in fact receive full or partial sponsorship from their Church; however these arrangements are not through formal contract and tend to be arranged on a case by case basis by the student in question.

Many independent students are studying at Queen’s in order to enhance their own lay or ordained role within their church, paid or unpaid. Others are regular church goers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences seeking to explore further their own faith and calling.

Undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral level study is open to students based on their previous experience and ability to meet entry requirements. Academic Qualifications obtained at the Queen’s Foundation are validated by either: Durham University, Newman University or Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and are equivalent to an academic qualification gained directly at these universities. Qualifications could be used to lead to further study, research or academic work in the field of Theology. Most students however study for their own personal and spiritual development and continue in paid employment whilst studying.

All Queen’s students are also taught transferable skills which would enrich and enhance all future employability, including, but not limited to: public speaking, community building and engagement, managing institutional finances and property, leadership in the workplace (e.g. chairing meetings), Safeguarding, and learning styles. At various points in the curriculum there is a strong emphasis on global understanding and cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, and also on self-awareness through a variety of means and employing a range of tools (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.), which are intended to equip and enable students for a lifetime of varied contexts and settings.