Student Policies

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What can I expect from Queen's?

Whatever brings students to Queen's, and whatever programme or course they undertake, we want all of them to value their time with us. To enable this, we have a number of policies and procedures that will help shape and inform your studies - i.e. what you can expect with/from Queen's during your period of study, and, likewise, what we hope you will bring to Queen's too. This information is laid out as follows:

Student Protection Plan
Student Code of ConductDownload
Fitness to Study Policy & ProcedureDownload
Disciplinary ProcedureDownload
Transfer Policy and ProcedureDownload

Transferring to / from Queen's

If you are considering transferring to Queen’s from another institution, and are wanting your previous studies to be taken into consideration when you transfer, please see our policies on the accreditation of prior learning (APL), available here. Please note that the policy varies according to the particular validating university.

Similarly, if you are considering transferring from Queen’s to another institution:
- in the event of a course or college closure, please see the further guidance on the process, in our Student Protection Plan available above.
- if you are wishing to transfer academic credits to that institution, please see the guidance here, including, for example, the implications for ecclesial sponsorship, and the parallel processes for transfer (dependent upon with which validating university your current programme is validated).