Aims and objectives

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The Symposium exists to further and support qualitative research into the faith lives of women and girls at postgraduate level and upwards, and as a supportive feminist forum for women researchers working in this field. 

The Symposium aims to: 

  • Promote, disseminate and publish qualitative research into the faith lives of women and girls;
  • Offer a supportive, encouraging environment  in which  women researchers may share their work, receive critical feedback on their research, develop practice and confidence in giving papers and writing for publication;  
  • Model a collaborative, non-competitive, mutually supportive feminist-inspired research environment in which more experienced scholars work alongside newer and younger researchers in a process of mutual encouragement and learning;
  • Provide a context in which women researchers may share their experience of the process of research and reflect critically on their research practice, including the integration of research into their personal and professional lives;
  • Network with other relevant bodies in academia and the churches so as to promote the above aims and to develop its own profile.