Application process

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  • We admit students to our doctoral programme 3 times a year, in October, February and June, with applications received by the dates below:
Start date:Application by:
1st October 1st June
1st February1st December
1st June1st April

Your application will be considered by the Director of Research and other members of the research team at Queen’s, as well as by our liason professor and Director of the Graduate School at VU Amsterdam Religion and Theology Faculty. If we consider the application has merit, you will be interviewed either in person at Queen’s or via Skype, in order to determine your suitability as a researcher. 

Before offering you a place at Queen’s, we must ascertain that the requisite supervisory expertise exists at Queen’s and VU Amsterdam. Once we have a reasonable degree of confidence in this, and in your proposal, you will be offered a place as a postgraduate researcher at Queen’s for up to 12 months. During this time, an adviser will be appointed to work with you to develop your proposal and the required Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) to the point where it can go to the Professors' Meeting at VU Amsterdam. The TSP consists of various required training elements to be completed throughout the duration of your research. 

Once your proposal is accepted at VU Amsterdam, you become a PhD student of the University and a full supervisory team is appointed (consisting of supervisors from Queen’s and VU Amsterdam) to guide you through the research. For further information about admissions for Research students please see click here.