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I am a curate in the C of E’s Diocese of Southwark.  I trained for ordination at Queen’s, where I started my PhD which I am now writing up in my curacy.  I am writing about the faith and identity journeys of Christian women at university who are away from home for the first time.  This research came out of my own experience as a Christian undergraduate, and various roles working with students since, including in university chaplaincy.  

PhD Studies


Young Christian Women at University: Transition, congruence and intentionality?  An empirical and theoretical study.


Prof. Nicola Slee, Prof. Ruard Ganzevoort, Dr Gerdien Bertram-Troost

Research Topic

How do young Christian women experience and negotiate the transition of moving away to university?  To what extent are they able to articulate and reflect on these experiences, both early on and later in their second year?  And what implications do these findings have on understandings of emerging adults’ faith and theories of faith development?

The study aims to demonstrate how Christian women experience and negotiate the transition of moving away to university, to consider this in conversation with relevant theory and literature, and to offer concrete findings into research with young Christian women at university.  It will do this by weaving together my interviews with Christian women at university, my thorough immersion in relevant theories and literature, and my own experiences.

I will demonstrate the need to take seriously how students experience university themselves.  I will do this through presenting the women’s words and my interpretation of them.  These will be used as a basis for fresh insights into the theory and practice of Christian student work through churches, chaplaincies and Christian student societies.  My study will also contribute to Christian understandings of young women’s faith development.

Research Activity

Research Interests         

Feminist theology/methodology, practical theology, faith development theory, theories of transition, identity

Conference Papers        

March 2016, Queen’s Research Seminar, ‘In What Ways Do Christian Women Experience Transition at University?  Some findings a year on’.

July 2015, BIAPT Conference, ‘The Role of Faith in Young Christian Women’s Identity at University’.

October 2014, Symposium on the Faith Lives of Women and Girls, ‘Building Bridges?  Muslim Women Converts in Scotland’.


'Reflexivity, Identity and the Role of the Researcher' in Researching Female Faith: Qualitative Research Methods, edited by Nicola Slee, Fran Porter and Anne Phillips (2018, Abingdon: Routledge), pp. 189-202.